May 9, 2020

To my delight, the oenothera in the front slope garden is already blooming, a pale pink primrose flower, almost white.  I applied Dr. Gold plant food to all the front garden plants, including a large dose on the transplanted sweet pea to try and save it.  Branches on that plant continue to die.

All four bottle brushes are blooming at once, one on the front border, two on the front slope and one in the side garden near the spigot.  This must be their blooming season.

Pruned back and deadheaded my favorite marbled geranium in the front border garden. The red oleander in front border garden has many new blooms, but I will need to confine it to the narrow space.

Filled the concrete forms with fifteen cubic feet of gravel, evenly laid across the bottom.  The forms will allow six inches of concrete that Mike calculates will hold the weight of the gas tank.

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