May 17, 2020

Early work this morning under gray skies. I pruned back the pink salvia in the front border garden, off the sidewalk, off the retaining wall.  I am investigating the source of the water runoff down the driveway, but the irrigation feeder is now buried deep in the salvia. The fortnight lilies are fulfilling their annual promise and need little attention other than cutting back in the winter and spot weeding.

While there, I dug out the clover and low lying vetch between the salvia and the second fortnight lily.  Prime ground for weeds. I applied Preen to hold down the weeds and a new layer of mulch.  Mike’s mulch is periodically refreshed with coffee grounds.

I worked through a spattering of rain and went inside for breakfast when it started in earnest.  Looking out on a steady rain cheered my heart as I had my morning coffee. More rain is forecast for this afternoon and overnight through tomorrow.

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