May 23, 2020

An early start this morning because I am due at the church at 11.30.  I cleared weeds below the west end of the back yard retaining wall and behind the Citrus Box.  I also freed up the ice plant that has survived despite all odds.

Preen mulch in a civilized brown color is once again available at Lowe’s.  I also found a Crown of Thorns euphorbia in an inventory rack, meaning that it was new inventory that was not bound.  Or as Mark Twain described weddings and funerals, a triumph of hope over experience.  I will try it in the new back border garden and replace the phacelia that never thrived.  It should be hardy to 28 degrees.   I planted the euphorbia at the end of the day, and gave another dose of the excess Plant Starter to the helichrisum, monkey flower and white lantana on the east end of the back yard.

I mowed the lawn at the end of the day yesterday. Genuine grass may be taking hold in the bare patches.  More weddings and funerals.

Yesterday was also the day for generous pruning of the licorice plant.  Also my last chance to pull weeds without effort or losing roots before the ground turns to concrete.  The monkey flower in the front slope garden has an unusual slender vertical stalk with delicate white flowers.  Tending the plant and cutting back the spent blooms will hopefully allow it to spread.

I sent MJ a picture of the columbine in full bloom and the first bloom on Lady Aster.   Having an early start this year apparently. I pruned back the three verbenas in the Triangle Garden, all three well-established with prolific blooms.

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