May 24, 2020

On my summer routine now, up early to work before breakfast.  The high temperature will be 91 by midday.  Almost at a sixteen hour day now, with light at 5.00 in the morning. Being out at 6.00 is still comfortable.

I combed the dead grass away from the far side of the rock wall with a steel rake.  I also pulled and cleared more grass away from the photinia and laid down commercial mulch. The irrigation feeder seems to supply sufficient water. I increased the irrigation by ten minutes to the front garden in anticipation of a hot spell this week.

I pruned back the Marguerite daisy in the narrow tip of the front garden.  Pruning is the current gardening chore of the month, hopefully rationing more water to new growth of the plants.  I am still investigating the source of runoff down the driveway and dialed back the water to the barrel planter with the petunias.

I pruned back the Saint John’s wort.  It seems to be happily established and producing lots of berries. I cut back the Mexican oregano before it went to seed and pulled out half of the mint.  The soil in the herb garden container is rich and moist, and the basil planted this season is growing.

The ladies put out all the cushions on the patio furniture and the two chairs are back at the summer house.  I sat for a minute and looked out on the ugliest patch of overgrown thistle I have ever seen just below the retaining wall.  I will need to address it tomorrow.

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