May 25, 2020

I called to wish Terry a happy seventieth birthday today.  The Red Lobster is open with limited seating but the golf course has not yet opened.  He and Kay are taking the cautious approach for us old folks.

I was out at 6.00 this morning to dig out and send thistle down the hill.  Thistle blossoms blow everywhere, along the bank and up into the cultivated beds.  I restored an eight foot warning track below the retaining wall as the summer house looks west to the pond the surrounding ridges and applied Roundup generously with especially attention to blossoms wherever I found them.

I spent another hour weeding out the ice plant and watering it in.  The far eastern end looked very dry as it receives no benefit from over-achieving lawn sprinklers.  I laid down a generous load of Mike’s Mulch, almost the end of it.  I watered in the mulch as a weed control and moisture conservation measure.  The thistle at the far corner by the fence met its doom.  Nevertheless, I found blossoms scattered everywhere.

The the lemon tree is showing a new bud, and I gave the Citrus Box supplemental water.

I trimmed back the variegated geranium in the front border garden and its neighbor, the yellow eyed grass.  The container camellia has moved under the shelter of the porch for the season.  I allowed Supplemental water to Grandmother Camellia beside the front porch.

First night opening doors at both ends of the house and using fans to draw cool night air in. The family room was 78 degrees at 8.30 tonight, the limit of my comfort level.

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