May 29, 2020

I arrived late last night after two nights in Oakland. Temperatures are dropping and at 7.00 this morning the garden was at a comfortable 70 degrees.

This morning I dug out the irrigation feeder under the pink salvia that appears to be a source of excess water flowing off the front border garden.  I dialed down the feeder to limit water.  The salvia has an established root system that and should continue to flourish on a drip.

I weeded the pink and white geraniums at the far end of the mezzanine level, hopefully for the last time until the fall.  I soaked the ground, applied the Preen mulch and soaked the mulch.

On to the back yard.  I freed up the ice plant that is closest to the Citrus Box and that the over-achieving lawn sprinklers do not reach. Several seedlings did not survive, but the remaining plants will make it I think.  I soaked the ground, applied Mike’s mulch and soaked in the mulch.  The ice plant that I mulched and soaked last week is thriving

I pruned back the carpet roses in the boxes at the summer house.  They appear to be at the end of their first bloom.  I hope for a second or third.

A lily was planted in the Triangle Garden next to the alyssum. I do not recall seeing it bloom before.  Hopefully, a nice sign of late spring in years to come.





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