May 30, 2020

I had rehearsal at church this morning and dropped by Lowe’s for irrigation supplies.  I  found a new manifold to replace the leaking one.

In the succulents section was a kalanchoe, a gray octopus-like plant.  I removed the sickly percallis from its pot and will try it in ground.   The new kalanchoe settled in the pot with ample new potting soil, and will make a welcome addition to the succulents section of the front border garden along the house wall.  I applied plant starter to new container, to the special ceanothus at the other end of the front border garden and to the new photinia.

To my surprise the manifold replaced easily with caps on the unused lines.  Another piece of the effort to solve the runoff down the driveway from the front garden.

Later in the day Mike came up to address crimp that reduces water pressure in the front hose.  I now know how to replace blades in the box cutter and had a hose mender on hand.  We will rotate the spigot from vertical to horizontal later.

The irrigation water level is low, judging from the amount of algae that is sucked into the filter.  Clearing the filter is now a weekly project.  Low water level at the beginning of the dry season is a serious concern.  Mike will take his boat out on ,the pond to determine the depth at the pump.  I need to think about conserving irrigation water consistently this season.

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