June 10, 2020

I was up early to dig out weeds and Bermuda grass at the end of the flagstones by the gazebo.  The roots roots went all the way to China.  I planted two six packs of aptenia, a dark green variety.  That variety seems to have come back more successfully in Oakland.  The ground in that area was soaked.  I will look for sprayers that are less than 360 degrees or bubblers to replace what is there.

I have settled into maintenance mode for the dry season, checking sprinklers and watching for water runoff.  I gave supplemental water to the dahlia, trailing petunias, special ceanothus and photinia.

I pruned back the purple lantana that was climbing up the house wall. Its mission in life is to overgrow that narrow bed along the house.  I did not find a way to divide it last winter because it is so deeply rooted. The only option may be to dig it out entirely.  I replaced the bubbler to the neighboring ice plant and opened it a little further.

The percallis is still struggling. I supplemented the water, laid down standard mulch, and soaked in the mulch.

The day lily off the back porch has an orange-pink bloom and is a lovely addition to that corner.

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