June 9, 2020

I was back in Oakland for three days to attend my next to the last teleconference with the California Lawyers Association.  I also knelt and prayed on San Pablo Avenue with members of Saint Columba Parish.  Father Aidan walked down the line of parishioners and distributed communion. My first time receiving communion in three months and being in communion with my beloved parishioners.

On the way out from Oakland yesterday I stopped at the Berkeley Hort to pick up two more six packs of aptenia.  I also found an anisodontea for the Oakland garden to replace the Lion’s Tail that left me after many years of faithful service.  The new plant is a member of the mallow or hibiscus family, and would only thrive in the Bay Area.

I spent a few hours painting the trim at the barn.  The high temperature today was only 82 degrees with cooler weather to come.  I did not even need to open the doors at either end of the house tonight.

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