June 20, 2020

The summer solstice for year 2020 in Northern Hemisphere fell at 2:43 this afternoon, Pacific Time.  The longest day had a length of 14 hours, 49 minutes.  The earliest sunrise was on June 12 or 13, and the latest sunset will be on June 27.

I am back from three days in Oakland circulating the Ethics Guide draft.  The extra days allowed time to tend the Oakland garden and begin the process of removing the rose bush.

I was up to work early.  Outside temperature is till in the 60s at 7.00 in the morning.  An early rising gives me a chance to watch the sprinkler and investigate water running down the driveway.  I adjusted rogue sprinklers under the gold lantana and marguerite daisy at the top of the hill.  The photinia is taking root and flourishing.

I devoted an hour to weeding in the back border garden and just beyond the retaining wall, The ground beyond the retaining appears to receive plenty of water, and weeds don’t require much.  Special mimulus is struggling after a spectacular spring.  The replacement bubbler keeps the ground moist, but the plant is dying.

Lowe’s had red stone pavers the exact dimensions of the stock in the equipment yard.   I will have an ample supply of pavers when I rebuild the walk to the back gate and level it.  I will need to mix in pavers by color and weathering.



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