June 22, 2020

Noting water runoff just below the retaining wall, I decreased the irrigation drip to the Saint Francis rockrose and the barberry.  The California native iris in front of Saint Francis seems to manage well on its drip.  The newest matilija poppy, however, is struggling in the heat.

The licorice plant is in full bloom, with white flowers.  That plant greatly contributes to the project of reviving the mezzanine level, next to the dahlia that continues to give this season.

Little Myrtle of the Far East is the first to bloom and is having a spectacular year.  I am trying to identify the source of the water in that area.  Little Myrtle clearly benefits from a dedicated irrigation drip and may also receive additional water from the lawn sprinkler in that corner.   The deep crimson crape myrtle has new stalk that grew up from the base.

I ran irrigation water into the fire prevention pond overnight, through the system that Mike rigged earlier this year.  While in the area, I cut back spent wildflowers to make room for the second wave.  That packet of wildflower seeds continues to surprise and delight me.

The photinia was munched away.  I found deer-moose-elk repellent in the garage and scattered it around the plant.  I also asked Mike for contributions of cat letter.  The plant appears healthy and well watered and will likely revive if it can avoid being breakfast for roaming animals.


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