June 28, 2020

Cooler weather has finally come.  As I write at 9.30 in the morning, we have not yet reached equilibrium in the outside and inside temperature.  I have the office door open for a wonderful breeze.

Trip to Lowe’s yesterday to find a replacement for the wallflower.  What I found was a golden variegated sweet flag grass.  Grows to only two feet tall and tucks in nicely under the large shrub daisy.

Found another succulent from South Africa, hardy to 28 degrees.  Its fellow countryman the senecio is comfortably established.  It is identified as a miniature pine tree and is promised to grow only to three feet tall.  It fills in the mezzanine level next to the newly planted sweet pea.  The soil was moist in the area when I dug it out, and I added soil amendment to break up the compact dirt.  The usual routine of Plant Starter and mulch, and supplemental water on the mulch.

The indoor and outdoor temperatures did not reach equilibrium until past 11.00 this morning. I mowed the lawn at midday.

I will run the water into the fire prevention pond tonight. I assume that water evaporate at at a higher rate in a shallow pond.  The previous water fill is now entirely gone.

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