July 5, 2020

I am back at the ranch after four days in Oakland.  The marrow survived my ten days away and appears to be settling in nicely.  I continue to make progress taking down the large climbing rose that topped twelve feet over the garage.

I came back to find the large crape myrtle blooming, and the correopsis as a sprawling, blooming riot.  I will let it go for what will likely be a short blooming season based on past experience.

Hooray!  The lemon tree shows a few blossom and one fruit.  This may be the first bearing year in my retirement.

The yellow and black butterfly on the purple lantana was a nice touch.  The hummingbirds have found the butterfly bushes at the top of the front slope garden.

I spent two hours digging out weeds and uncovering another ten feet of ice plant.  I applied Preen mulch afterwards and watered it in.  Stepping back, the sight of  approximately thirty feet of well tended and mulched ice plant was deeply gratifying.  It promises to survive the dry season with weekly watering.

Cooler temperatures are expected the next few days.  Amador County has recorded a surge in COVID-19 cases – 8 cases through June now increased to 31.


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