July 6, 2020

I pruned back the licorice plant today, as it is just past its blooming season.  The plant fills the mezzanine level nicely, and then some.  The oleanders are just starting to bloom front and back.  Grandmother oleander has responded magnificently to an almost bare bones pruning last winter.

I added an irrigation feeder to the mirror plant in the back corner garden and checked the water flow.  The feeder to the ice plant was choked off, and I opened it to generate more of a drip.

Mike and I launched the boat out onto the pond in the evening, and the cool air was delightful.  I was Gilligan  The purpose of the excursion was to measure the depth of the pond, about eleven feet at midwater.  Judging by the water line on the dock piers, the water level  is five to six feet below normal.  We will continue to monitor it through the summer.  Fortunately, the inlet up to Verna Falls still has water.

We discussed plans to sink the line for the well water that runs across the pond, onto the bank then up the hill. I will look for concrete blocks the next time I am at Lowe’s.

I can spend a few minutes outside at midday, giving the shrub daisy and Saint John’s Wort a trim.  I am reluctant to cut back the Saint John’s Wort much and it is in high blooming season. The red flag grass appears to be taking hold.

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