July 7, 2020

Lucky Seven day.  The house temperature was down below 70 degrees this morning, but only one day of relief is forecast.

I pruned back the cherry red salvia in the front slope garden, taking off about a third of plant.  The goal is graceful limited sprawl and new ingrowth.  The wonderful fragrance is a nice addition to the morning rounds.

The sweet pea and new unidentified South African succulent are thriving on the mezzanine level.  The irrigation feeder to the neighboring bottle brush seems to provide a fair amount of water.

The dahlia is suffering from the heat.  Probably not an appropriate plant for the San Joaquin Valley, even in a container.  The deep purple calibrachoa on the other hand is delightfully spilling over its container, and the special variety of ceanothus is coming along steadily.  I tried deep watering the dahlia for the past two days and removing dead growth and will how it responds.  The succulent garden also received supplemental water and is fulfilling its promise.

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