July 12, 2020


The latest from the correopsis riot.  The end of June and beginning of July appear to be its time of year, and this year is a stunner as I look out the kitchen door each morning.

Today was a three t-shirt day – number 1, morning work in the yard; number 2, shower and work in the house; number 3, after finishing the mowing in the afternoon. Time to work in the garden is limited in the morning. I dug out the aptenia patch one more time, laid down Preen mulch and watered it in.  At least the mulch will give me a fighting chance against the grass with fibrous roots, Bermuda grass and other volunteers.

I mowed the lawn at midday and was heartened to see the grass thickening at the downward edge of the back lawn.  Not all of it crab grass and Bermuda grass either.


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