July 17, 2020

Remembering Ben this morning, I had a text from Karen who visited the cemetery with Zippy.

I am back from a few days in Oakland.  The East Bay Nursery was good to me –

a replacement huechera, from the California Natives section, with a green leaf and scarlet spikes,

a replacement osteopernum in a cinnamon orange color, and

a sedum for a ground cover to replace the campanula.  Specifically a sedum spurium “tricolor”.  Eventually I hope to find out what the three colors are.

I tucked in all the new plants yesterday evening with Plant Starter, and added more water this morning with a generous layer of mulch.

I now find three lemons on the tree, like Amahl and the night visitors.  The deep red crape myrtle has come out in its summer glory.  The records show that it is the last of the three to bloom, sheltered by the house roof.  Time-released crape myrtles recall time-released camellias in the winter.

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