July 20, 2020

I mowed the back lawn today.  I keep the trowel handy, and dug out strange clumps of crab grass growing in the middle of the lawn.  Next I may try the crabgrass control that I found in the garage.

Mike and I were out on the pond this evening.  We made a rough measurement of the water level, and it does not seem to have dropped even with significant string of hot days.  We tied two concrete blocks to the well water line and dumped them overboard.  The blocks successfully submerged the line where we tied on the blocks, and it popped up to the surface a few feet further along.  We need to investigate that anomaly further.

We also took the boat up towards the inlet coming down from Verna Falls; it still has water but is receding.  Mr. Beaver was out for a swim when we sailed by.  I think he has a lodge on the island in the middle of the pond, or he has tucked under the tree roots.  As we tried to get closer, he submerged.  Peaceful evening on the S.S. Minnow out on the pond.

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