July 19, 2020

I was out only for a few hours early this morning, clearing grass from the back slope.  Marginally lower temperatures are due the next few days.  The grass came up easily and in handfuls for the most part.  The work on that slope is another fire prevention measure – keeping the dry grass down, even twenty-five feet to thirty feet from the house.  I showered the ice plant border with supplemental water, with specific attention to the ten foot stretch that does not appear to collect water. 

I found lemon drop marigolds at Lowe’s to replace the dahlia that could not bear the summer heat.  I will see if they can thrive in the container.  The soil was moist but not wet when I dug in the new marigolds.  The lamium seedlings below the container still struggle, even though the irrigation water seeping down the hill at that spot sustains a large variety of weeds.  The special variety ceanothus, the tripot container and the Contained Camellia all received supplemental water, courtesy of the rain barrel in the Triangle Garden.

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