July 21, 2020

I had noticed that the venerable white osteopernum was  not thriving during this dry season.  The main irrigation line was buried in the neighboring sweet pea, and when I untangled it I found no irrigation feeder to the osteopernum. When plants are struggling, sometimes the explanation is simple.  I trimmed off the dead growth, attached a new feeder, and will apply supplemental water for a few days. The white osteopernum is one of the longest established plants with a deep root system.  It responded almost immediately to water.

While in the area, I reset irrigation feeders to the society garlic and the lilac osteopernum.  I need to investigate why the feeders pull off the irrigation manifold.

Rust nearly ate the middle rose alive.  I have never seen such an attack before.  I trimmed off the dead growth, which was two-thirds of the plant, and applied the Natria pest control.  The bottle is ancient and almost crumbled in the sun, and the sprayer was asthmatic.  I will need to look for a new bottle of rose pesticide control.

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