July 22, 2020

I ran water into the fire prevention pond overnight.  The water level is holding steady and circulating fresh water may help with algae.

This morning I made significant progress in clearing dead grass off the back slope, almost up to the Citrus Box.  I filled the entire truck bed and carted dead grass off to the burn pile.  It is very gratifying to look out from the house windows and see the rolling hills and valley oaks, without a barrier of overgrown dead weeds.  Now I can even look down and see Spots patrolling the lower pasture on the other side of the fire lane.

I replaced the irrigation feeder to the coleonema that was spewing water at a grand rate.  The replacement bubbler should solve the issue of water runoff down the driveway.   I will need to monitor its progress with steady but lower water.

I ran the weed whacker along the stone border and boxes in the back yard, and then continued along the rock wall at the bottom of the front slope garden.  I yanked out Bermuda grass and other volunteers out by the handful.  Hopefully less water down the slope will discourage growth along that rock border.

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