July 25, 2020

Another gratifying two hours this morning clearing brush off the back slope and opening up the view of the land.  I uncovered another sunflower in the tangled grass.

The compression dripper on the jasmine was generating almost no water.  I added soil amendment and Preen mulch and watered heavily.  To my relief, Jasmine responded almost immediately.

This Saturday is a date for hazardous waste collection at the dump five miles up the road.  I cleaned out of lot of pesticides and insecticides that I had no idea the use.  In the process I found enough grass seed and weed control to last for the foreseeable future.  Interestingly, I found a bottle of wet water that is meant to help with water absorption in compacted soils.  I will try it on the segment of the ice plant border that is not as thriving.

I trimmed back the sun-generous gold lantana that was spilling everywhere.  Deadheading the geraniums is part of the daily rounds now.

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