August 1, 2020

I came back this afternoon after a week in Oakland finishing the Ethics Guide and taking down a twelve foot rose bush for recreation.

The evenings are still cool, and sunset came at 8.15 with twilight for another half hour.    Mike was up to work on the irrigation to the Circle Garden up at the barn, and asked me to inspect the work. Three plants on the far side of the circle were stressed in the heat, and I couldn’t figure why the irrigation feeders were not working or how to rescue them. Mike to the rescue – with a new higher diameter irrigation line and direct feeders off that line. His theory was that the old system had a tee, and the water flow continued forward without branching off.  I finished trimming dead growth off Shrub, and hopefully will encourage it come back.

Mike was intrigued at  a post that for the first time in 822 years, a single month will have three Saturdays, three Sundays and three Mondays.  Apparently, an omen of prosperity in Chinese culture.

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