July 26, 2020

I attended the Ione service this morning.  The ladies set up chairs on the lawn beside the church and under the shade of a magnificent, decades old oak tree.  A light breeze made for a beautiful morning.  Pastor Mark encouraged us to hum under our masks while the soloist sang.  I appreciated being with a community and coming back to my Sunday morning spiritual habit.

On the way home I saw a white egret on the pond.  There must still be some water  in the pond, although the shore line keeps creeping inward. I added supplemental water to the Circle Garden, but Shrub is not responding entirely.  I will ask Mike to look at the irrigation setup for that garden while I am away this week.

I watered and mulched the point of the Triangle Garden where the alyssum grows and adjusted the irrigation feeder for more water.  Mulch should help to conserve water.  The ground at that point of the garden was close to concrete.  Despite the dry season, the white alyssum is throwing out tiny auxiliaries.

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