August 3, 2020

I was up early to clear green growth just below the west end of the back retaining wall.  In the process I uncovered another sunflower.  In the great tradition, I trimmed the spent flowers and sowed the seeds onto the ground.

The hummingbird on the cherry salvia out the breakfast nook window is becoming a regular companion.

I adjusted the sprinkler in the east corner of the back lawn and directed it back towards the grass.  That corner has not yet produced more than seasonal Bermuda grass.  Still, the patch to clear next winter will be smaller.  I am thinking of seeding in the fall as well, as soon as the rains arrive.  Little Myrtle of the Far East will need to survive on a bubbler.  I replaced the caps blown off the irrigation hose in the Corner Garden, to limit excessive watering of the flagstones.

I enjoyed sitting in the summer house for a few minutes and taking in the land.  The breeze up the valley was delight.  While there, I twined the sweet pea up and down the guide wires.

The moon is full tonight and I can walk the house by moonlight.  I even saw a harvest moon in the early evening, low against the sky with that deep burnt orange glow, silhouetting the valley oaks east of the house.

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