August 8, 2020

I was up early to run Mike’s gas powered weed whacker. I cleared the slope down from the retaining wall off the back porch, and along the rock border at the far end of the Front Slope Garden. For extra measure, I went after the slope between the driveway and fire lane.  I raked off the grass and debris but have not removed it yet.  The weed whacker and I both ran out of gas.  

Heat storm is now in my vocabulary.   A heat storm is a Californian term for an extended heat wave, when the temperature reaches 100 degrees for three or more consecutive days over a wide area, tens of thousands of square miles.  Highest ever recorded temperatures are being reported all over California, up to 130 degrees in Death Valley.  Notwithstanding the heat storm, plenty of potato shrub is still available for Spots.

this week I can go through a t-shirt in less than an hour and a half.  Time for breakfast, with a hummingbird on the magenta salvia outside the window for company.  

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