August 9, 2020

I managed a little work before church this morning, pruning more diseased blooms off the white oleander and applying another round of neem oil.  I trimmed spent stalks off the second fortnight lily walking in from the driveway.

Yesterday evening I saw lantana blooms appearing in the middle of the lavender. I pruned back both plants and found a manifold between them.  In my pruning enthusiasm I severed an irrigation feeder and and had to install a connector.  I will need to watch the silver and gold euonymus and cherry salvia that the reconnected feeder appears to service.

The French lavender is now well established and has a wonderful scent, a terrific addition to the olfactory garden.

The tenants must have been moving cows to another pasture, quite a ruckus this morning.  Apparently I am not the only one to take advantage of the cool early mornings.

The sunflowers continue to thrive, and I continue to work the spent flowers into the ground on the back slope.


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