August 26, 2020

Back yesterday afternoon after a few days in Oakland. The smoke is heavier in the Bay Area because it is surrounded by fires on three sides. The air is clearing in the valley.

I stopped off at Annie’s to pick up a Replacement oenothera and mystery plant, both in the Natives section. Mystery plant is a clay tolerant alternative, in addition to being drought tolerant and deer resistant.

I moved the dianthus to the Large Box in the back yard. The soil in that front border garden is dry and compacted. We will see what the clay tolerant Mystery Plant will do in that soil. I hope the dianthus will thrive with more and more continuous water.

I planted with soil amendment and watered in the Vitamin B-1 for the oenothera, liberally spreading animal repellent. I need to look for gopher cages watered the next time I am in an Ace Hardware.

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