September 22, 2020

I made an overnight visit to Fresno last week, and we went to the cemetery on September 17. I did not have much to say, but was glad to share a quiet moment. The hummingbird on the grave stone was a nice touch.

Monday ended a three week marathon proofing the Ethics Guide, when I sent back my comments on the second round proof. Now I am back at the ranch with flocks of Canadian geese for a morning greeting call. Back to the things that matter.

Today I saw a great blue heron on the fire prevention pond, perfectly still. I watched from the main room windows in the house, unwilling to move myself and disturb the serenity of the scene. After a few quiet moments the heron took wing magnificently.

2020 is the year of munching and animal repellent. The new oenothera did not last a week. The rhaphiolepis and the roses are being chewed to bits. The roses can not put out new growth fast enough to keep up with the damage. The rabbit trap that Mike and I set out last week was not successful. An animal did a fair job of chewing up the pittosporum next to where we laid the trap.

Cat litter still appears to the most effective deterrent.

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