September 27, 2020

I am back from an overnight in Oakland, attending the virtual awards dinner with a tri tip plate from the Black Bear Diner and my final TEXCOM meeting. This Sunday morning I was back in church for the first time in four weeks, still on the church lawn under the huge oak tree.

The drain pipe is almost out of the fire prevention pond water. Triple digit temperatures and unhealthy air have limited my work in the garden for the past two weeks, and high temperatures are forecast for most of the week to come. I will fill the pond as needed, hoping for a cooler day or two to prevent evaporation.

The bowl in which the ranch house sits circulates the delta breeze nicely. High winds in October are a concern, at the end of a long dry season.

The photinia is showing its fall foliage colors, orange leaves are starting to appear. I hope that it can winter over and come back stronger next season. The asters have buds but have not yet bloomed, a little late this year.

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