September 30, 2020

As I fed Spots, a large flock of our Canadian visitors flocked overhead, loud cries in the morning sky. Early morning skies are gray now even as the sun rises about 7.00. My morning awakening is adjusting to the shortening days.

The front hose had no water pressure this morning. Before giving in to despair I checked the filter, an it was black. The pond water is pulling in a lot of algae as the water level recedes. I scrubbed out the filter and water pressure was back like magic. Mike reminded me that we have a spare filter in the garage. Next time I will soak one filter in bleach and swap in the spare.

The bayberry off the back porch is taking on its fall colors – the leaves turn orange at this time of year. The baybery in the front border garden receives more direct sun and its turning is a little behind. No aster blooms as yet.

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