October 12, 2020

This morning began with a light pruning of the fringe flower under the breakfast nook window. The blooms are just beginning to show. I usually look for full bloom in December.

Sent Martha a picture of the astermania this year. The full bloom is a little late this year but still magnificent. I will let it flop over the sidewalk for the next few weeks. Astermania draws amazing swarms of bees.

I lost the new primrose in the Circle Garden overnight. Time to let go of that dream and enjoy the Mexican primrose in Oakland.

I dug out the Spanish lavender gleefully. As is the habit of the plant, it was overgrown and mostly dead underneath and at the center. Removing the lavender will also allow the spectacular lilac osteospermum to expand. I will look for a rockrose or salvia to fill the newly opened space in the back porch garden.

Warmer temperatures due for the rest of the week and wildfire warnings. I was able to mow the lawn at midday.

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