October 24, 2020

I have opened the curtains in my bedroom now that lower temperatures and shorter days have come. I can see the asters from my window when the sun rises. This morning I was awake before sunrise, now at 7.22 AM. No sun at that time of the morning, but I saw what I believe is the Morning Star above the trees to the south side of the house.

I spent an hour and a half before breakfast breaking up plywood and hauling it off to the burn pile.

I planted the new pinks as an alternative groundcover next to the established aptenia, on a theory of mix and match. I hope to replicate the mix of lysimachia and ice plant in the Front Border Garden running alongside the front porch. I doused the planting area with Vitamin B-1 water and dug out the competing Bermuda grass as best I could.

I filled the Fire Prevention Pond overnight. Today was my third sighting of a great blue heron for the year. The new marsh grass at the edge of the pond appears to be a great draw, and there the heron stood, perfectly still. I was at the kitchen window, also perfectly still.

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