October 31, 2020

This morning I found nibbling on the center roses that were just coming back for another bloom. I sprayed with animal repellent and scattered repellent into the ground around each bush.

The photinia, pittosporum and monkey flower on the far edge of the Front Slope Garden received supplemental Vitamin B-1 water. Hopefully their roots will start burrowing down for the winter.

I found another unidentified succulent to added to the succulent garden growing beside Myrtle of the Far East. Sort of a deep green candelabra on steroids with fingers reaching for the sky. Makes an interesting contrast with its companions in that area of the back yard.

Tonight we had a blue moon. It only occurs on Halloween once every nineteen years. I may get to see another one in my lifetime. I watched the moon through the oak trees as it rose over the barn. I texted Mike and he watched it from below.

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