November 5, 2020

Spots is back to eating normally. Mike had the veterinary assistant up while I was away. The assistant confirmed that Spots was not retaining urine, and held him down while squirting an probiotic down his throat. Seemed to do the trick. Spots got past me and outside the gate. He seems to favor the dry grass outside the fence, even though it is not greener.

I cut back and thinned out the aster, and watered it in for the season. I am pleased to see how the New Zealand flax is thriving. All four bottle brushes are in bloom, and the two in the front slope garden are spectacular.

I applied supplemental B-1 water to succulent garden in the back yard and the new pink ground cover.

Delighted to see that the newest matilija poppy is leafing out with new growth. Steady watering over the summer seemed to have helped it get rooted. Cooler temperatures have encouraged new growth in almost all the garden plants.

Patches of the back lawn are browning out, consisting mostly of Bermuda and crab grass. Rains may start this weekend, and I will need to find a sunny day or two to scatter new grass seed. The weed killer in the seed supposedly takes 24 hours to work effectively.

The potted camellia was looking poorly. I watered it until the water drained out the bottom.

The small cactus that came from Rancho Murieta is showing its first buds. I may be a Thanksgiving cactus this year.

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