November 13, 2020

I left Oakland last night soon after 5.00, my first nighttime drive over the Altamont for the season. With the end of daylight savings time, the sun sets by late afternoon.

Low cloud cover this morning, with mild temperatures while I gave Spots his breakfast. The shrub rockroses in the front slope garden are finally starting to grow out. Spots gratefully received a large bunch of clippings.

I pruned back the plumbago to its core. For aggression relief, I ripped out half of the lysimachia and a good chunk of Jerry’s ice plant from under the white oleander. While there, I trimmed back my favorite variegated geranium in the front border garden.

The red and yellow chrysanthemum is blooming, bright autumn colors. The droop onto the ground is unusual this year, but I will let it be while the blooms last.

I moved the potted camellia out to the sunshine and rainfall, whenever it may come. I also moved the potted succulents from the front border succulent garden under the shelter of the porch. The Monterey cactus and the Christmas star cactus remain imbedded in ground. We will see how each of them winters over, and if some do better than others.

Steady rainfall in the afternoon, probably not yet enough to soften the ground, substantial beach on all sides of the pond

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