November 7, 2020

Biden and Harris are elected. Where were you on this historic day?

I pruned back the red oleander in the front border garden by half and applied pruning seal on the exposed large branches. The seal also went on the exposed branches of the pruned butterfly bushes and on the valley oak that suffered the amputation.

The large sunset rock rose was spilling over the rock wall. I pruned it back by half and cut out much of the dead wood underneath.

I transplanted lime green ceanothus to the spot where the dusty miller shriveled and died and then the gazanias sickened and died. That area of the front slope garden has moist soil and good drainage, as evidence by filling the planting hold with vitamin B-1 water. I planted the ceanothus in a gopher basket for added protection, seeing holes as evidence of active burrowing on the slope.

In the conservatory, the large cactus is showing its first buds. I moved the white kalanchoe forward to catch more sun from the windows.

Tonight was a spectacular autumn sunset with the light low on the horizon and through the trees that you only see at this time of year.

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