December 20, 2020

I had an early morning review of back yard gardens. I sprinkled small amount of coffee grounds around plantings in the border garden and generously watered all the plants, including the matilija poppies just starting to leaf out. Too cold for weeding, I will come back to that chore perhaps at a midday next week.

I had a quick run at Lowe’s after the outdoor church service in Ione, singing carols in the frosty air. I was looking for a replacement pin cushion grass. The grass section was uninspiring, the only possibility was a Scottish tufted grass. Instead I found two amazing succulents, full to partial sun, and rooting well in cold weather – a broad leafed roseate cactus with leaves grading from red to yellow and an aeonium with leaf clusters around yellow buttons.

On the way in I planted the two succulents in the Circle Garden at the barn with generous water to start. I also sprinkled animal repellent liberally and buried used cat litter as a bonus.

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