December 28, 2020

At Lowe’s this morning to pick up soil amendment, I found a Princess Pink Esacallonia. I had looking for a plant to fill the whole in the Front Slope Garden above the lime green ceanothus, near to my heart. The new plant certainly will fill the hole at a mature size of five feet wide and six feet high. I planted it with gopher baskets and soil amendment with a Quick Start chaser. The esacallonia should be drought tolerant after the first year and is hardy enough for the Central Valley winters.

The purple lantana that overruns the manifold will vex me no more. I dug down and transplanted as much of the roots as I could down the slope where it can sprawl to its heart’s content. The transplant hole was substantial and needed expanding a few times to embed the roots. The lantana should be near indestructible.

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