January 2, 2021

A brief rain shower fell as I was on the road into Ione – not even a quarter inch, but steady for half an hour.

I spent an hour clearing thistle off the slope below the retaining wall off the back porch, just beyond the butterfly bushes and the far end of the front slope garden. The exposed new growth received liberal applications of Roundup. At least I hope to slow it down. Bob Fyock reminded me that Amador County has a program for eradication of thistle, largely because it destroys grazing for cattle.

I loaded the cleared thistle and brush onto the truck and hauled it off to the burn pile. Later I inserted a file box of old brokerage statements under the boards from Spots’s old house. Mike has the idea of using the tractor to build a fire perimeter around the pile before we burn and to have a hose with a good source of water handy.

The ashes on the slope below the gazebo have done a terrific job, all but killed everything growing just beyond the retaining wall and planter. Part of my ongoing program for a defensive perimeter and an open view of the country.

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