January 30, 2021

Rain fell for most of the past week, an atmospheric river that gave us 3.7 inches according to Mike’s weather gauge. The rain also added to the snow pack, still only at 50% of normal.

This morning I took advantage of a break in the weather for yard maintenance. I cleared debris and branches off the driveway and picked up the Stop sign from the road. My annual fight against Bermuda grass started today, digging out an eight foot section in front of the citrus box. I laid down new and amended topsoil soil and scattered weed control grass seed. The rain due next week should water it in.

I bought several bags of paver base – mixed gravel and stone – to fill and stabilize the ground under the new paving in the equipment yard. The pavers will unify the sidewalk to nowhere and the porch slab and take them up to the gate in the back fence in a herring bone pattern, if all goes well. I will let the rain tamp it in.

The wildflowers are coming back on one side of the driveway, snowdrift and poppies just now. To my delight the daffodils are coming up along the other side of the driveway. I weeded the two daffodil patches and pulled off the Bermuda grass runners.

A white egret perched absolutely still on the intake pipe at the fire prevention pond, now well submerged. The feathers were not quite white.

I pruned back the fringe flower under the breakfast nook window and released a profusion of blooms to please my soul each morning.

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