February 11, 2021

I haunted Annie’s twice earlier this week. The first trip was for a replacement maida elegans, but I also came across a peach colored lewisia for the succulent garden by the back yard flagstones. While wandering through the Natives Section I also found a blue chalk dudleya, an addition to the succulent collection with blue-gray rosettes.

The shipment of raspberries came in the next day. I did a quick run for a Heritage Raspberry. It promises moderate growth in June and July, and heavier growth from August through the fall.

Rain is forecast for this afternoon. I had a few hours this morning under overcast skies, fitting for pre-Lenten prayers. To my surprise the raspberry that I thought had died still showed new growth. I planted the new Heritage Raspberry beside it, for a little companionship or competition. Following the venerable mining tradition, I broke up the shelf at the bottom of the planting hole with a pick ax. I added Quick Start at the bottom of the hole and on top to encourage solid root growth. To finish, I mucked out Spots’s house and laid the urine soaked straw on the entire Berry Patch.

I gave up on the crassula in the back yard succulent garden and replaced it with the new lewisia, adding a Quick Start chaser.

The dudleya went in beside the planter box for the large crape myrtle, assuming a slow growth. A smaller plant will not crowd Myrtle. I planted the new maida elegans more or less dead center between the bulbine and the new dudleya, hoping to give it more room to flourish. The former maida elegans and the Crown of Thorns euphorbia were very much former, and went down the hill. I might try the euphorbia once more in a container.

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