February 13, 2021

I had an early morning call with Karen. We will try to meet next month, perhaps a trip to the Japanese garden. A blue bird I had never seen before was perched on the retaining wall outside my breakfast window. A quail with a top knot was the next arrival.

With a warm and sunny afternoon today I finished laying the Piazza del Serpente. The plane of the pavers is a little wavy, but I will see how it settles in. Mike suggested triangles for the steps at the edges, and the Ace Hardware in Ione has a tile saw for a modest daily rent. Mike might even know how to use it safely.

Mike finished moving the spigot and laying the irrigation line for the Berry Patch. I laid flagstones to continue the walk along the fence up to the sidewalk, allowing easy access to the raspberries at the back. The entire pallet of flagstones is now used with a few bits and pieces in the Corporation Yard and the flagstones I reserved for the entrance to the vegetable garden. I added feeders to the three berry bushes and the ornamental pot. Two AA batteries and a study of the instructions later, the irrigation timer for the Berry Patch should be up and running. I currently have it on a three day cycle. The straw blanket does an excellent job of keeping the ground moist under the berry bushes.

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