February 20, 2021

Steady rain for most of the day yesterday, no chance to tend the property.

Cleared overnight and left a bright sunny day. I pruned off half of Grandmother Oleander, not down to stubs as the last two years. The remaining scale was mostly on lower growth, easy to remove along with the suckers. I pruned the white oleander on the front border garden further, including a few major branches. The exposed cuts were covered with pruning seal for protection against the cold nights ahead.

I spent a few hours digging up oak seedlings and acorns out of the far end of the Front Slope Garden, nearest the tress of course. I do not remember seeing this level of infestation before. The photinia is still struggling, and I cleared the grass and weeds that have no problems rooting in that spot.

Walking along the wildflower parade beside the driveway raised a slightly musty smell. I will need to identify the flower that is the source.

First time this season hauling out the gas powered weed whacker to clear the fence line along the driveway. The line that the fence chewed up had to be replaced midway through.

I laid river rock in the transition space from flagstones to pavers, under the back gate. Mixture of stones with paving sand should hold it together and discourage weeds.

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