February 26, 2021

A warm sunny day, with no rain forecast for another week. I had accumulated a sizable bowl and coffee grounds and went the next step to mix them into the remaining topsoil pile. I will also try a few around the front border garden oleanders, mixed in with the new topsoil layer.

I spent several hours weeding the ice plant on the slope below the back yard retaining wall. The ice plant is well established at the fence end that was planted first, a little sparse just before the Citrus Box. It seems to have rooted down to water somewhere below.

Mike and I reviewed the irrigation system for the back yard. One valve appears to be permanently open and not responding to the timer. We unclogged bubblers all along the line at the Back Garden Garden all the way to the carpet roses, jasmine and sweet pea around the gazebo. I later disassembled the four sprinkler heads along the stone border at the lower edge of the back lawn and washed them out with rain water.

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