February 27, 2021

A bright sunny day, the high wind felt cold on my back and shoulders. The cry of Canadian geese is becoming a regular early morning experience. I spoke with Elizabeth on her birthday and will plan a visit to La Mesa the first week of June.

Mike and I surveyed the back yard irrigation system in preparation for the dry season. We attached connectors to patch the main irrigation line along the east end of the Back Border Garden and cut out the leaks and broken stems. We replaced and cleaned all the feeders along the main line, once it was repaired. I also replaced the two-port manifold in the Citrus Box with one broken stem that spewed water entirely to the lime tree.

With healthy curses, I dug out a section of Bermuda grass by the large crape myrtle box. I laid new topsoil mixed with grass seed on top. Mike has suggested digging out the entire Bermuda grass section along the rock border and laying down new sod. Instant grass. Real grass. Maybe next year.

Later in the day we cleaned filters in sprinkler heads on the edges and center of the back lawn. We worked through the five valves connections and traced them to the station on the timer in the garage. All lines should now be functioning. Mike will undertake to diagram the system for future reference. Such as this time next year.

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