February 28, 2021

After church I mowed the back lawn for the first time this year. A quick trip to Lowe’s on the way home yielded a bag of Scott’s Soil Builder, a soil and compost mix meant to enrich and break up the clay ground that surround this property. I added half the bag to the topsoil pile beside the driveway and worked the rest into the sections of the back lawn that I recently cleared.

I continued digging out sprinkler heads in the back yard and removing filters clogged with algae. I changed the irrigation timer to two day watering, twice a day. The, evening and morning shifts seem to be working so far, with moist lawn and surrounding ground and beds. For unknown reasons the main irrigation line to the Large Planter Box and herb garden does not seem to function. The plants in that Box seem to take in enough water from the lawn sprinklers.

The irrigation system in the Berry Patch is working overtime. The ground remains moist under all four plantings. The raspberry that I thought I had killed has come back to life so now I have two and hopefully enough raspberries for the entire population of Ione. The straw blanket also appears to have done its job of keeping the ground moist and warm, with limited damage to branches blow off in high wind.

I moved succulents out from under the porch and into the Front Border Garden. Spring temperatures and mild weather are expected this coming week.

Green growth on Myrtle of the Far East New gladdened my heart. I will wait a week or two more before pruning and getting it started on its summer run.

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