March 6, 2021

MJ and I were on the phone with the Overseas Adventure Travel agent this morning. We have tentatively reserved the trip to the Galapgos and Machu Picchu in May 2023. Apparently the 2022 tours are already mostly booked up.

I found a replacement radiant lantana at the East Bay Nursery, a trailing variety. I planted it this afternoon, replacing the radiant lantana in the Back Border Garden that did not survive. An unlooked for blessing, I also found another matilija poppy. I dragged a large border stone up from Tork’s old pen and laid it down to help prevent erosion and subsidence down the hillside. I named it Madeline after the story of the twelve young girls who went out from school, and the youngest of them was Madeline. As I weeded, I almost pulled out a new self-seeded poppy. They seem to be ready to propagate and spread across the hillside, as promised.

I had more oak seedlings to dig out. Two self-seeded geraniums determined to plant themselves along the rock border at the bottom of the Front Slope Garden.

The daffodils along the driveway have blooms but have not yet popped. This is the season for daffodils, all along old Route 49 leading down into Sutter Creek.

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