March 7, 2021

I rented the tile saw from Ace Hardware yesterday. Mike and I cut and laid out triangles to finish the Piazza del Serpenti – only a few hours of work. Mike was at the saw, and I was measuring and marking. I even used the saw myself for the last few cuts, without severing an artery. With his dedication to a complete job, Mike dug out the borders of the paved space and laid down vinyl border stripping. We replaced the bricks that I laid under the soil on the downward slope to shore up the paver base and prevent erosion.

I spent a few hours this afternoon finishing the paving. I used the remaining paver sand to fill in major gaps and edges, and covered the entire area with gray polymeric sand. As idiotic as it may seem, I prefer using a small brush to fill the remaining gaps. Little brush strokes over an area of thirty to forty square feet. I need to forget time for a job like this. Rain is forecast for Tuesday, to help cement in the polymeric sand. I am very pleased with the result, and the time I devoted to laying the pavers was very much justified.

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