March 12, 2021

I woke up to flocks of Canadian visitors on the Fire Prevention Pond. Getting to be a regular rest stop on the northbound highway. I can only watch from the kitchen window because when I open the door, they all fly off in a flutter. A dozen or so cows were peaceably munching away in Tork’s old pen. Digging up oak seedlings and acorns is the never-ending task for this month, with spot weeding in the Front Slope Garden this morning.

I mucked out Spots’s house, retrieving the heavily saturated straw. Seems likely to acidify the soil. I pulled out the overgrown grass and clover around the Berry Patch and laid down and expanded the straw blanket.

Rain cemented in the new Piazza del Serpenti nicely. I swept off the excess polymeric sand and uncovered more of the varied colors of the pavers, depending on age and exposure to sun and rain. Mike and I are both pleased with the end result.

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